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Welcome! So, what the heck is this website all about?! Mostly about health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, movement, green living, and just about anything that relates to living a health promoting lifestyle. You’ll find blogs on a wide variety of topics (whatever I’m thinking about or into that day or requested by a follower). You’ll find recipes, food and supplement buying guides, information on seminars, and eventually some exercise and cooking videos. Enjoy browsing the site for ideas on how to make your life healthier.

Least Bad Fast Food Choices – If You Must

Let me be absolutely clear up front…  I don’t eat fast food and prefer that you don’t either.  Even if you think, ‘well I got a salad’, please realize those veggies have been chemically grown and may also be GMO.  And what about that soybean oil dressing you are covering the salad with, the soybean […]

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Brand New Six Week Fat Loss Program Starting on 2/26/15

I am starting a new six week fat loss program (locally) in conjunction with Dr. John Edwards at Cornerstone Chiropractic.  *Program open to anyone.  I’m super excited about the program and anticipate it filling up quickly, so sign up today to start the change to your body composition.  Here’s the link to the information on […]

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Exercise of the Day: The Burpee (yes, the burpee!)

The burpee, one of the most hated and loved exercises of all time.  But more importantly, it really is one of the most effective full body exercises for both cardio and strength.  It builds strength (especially the push-up portion), it improves your cardiovascular system (you can tell it), it conditions your body to be more […]

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Simple Sauces and Dressings to Make in a Snap

Need a simple sauce or dressing that takes bare minutes to make?  Well, here are just a few easy-peasy recipes to add to your repertoire.  You can increase or decrease the amounts in the recipes but stick to the same ratios.  Making these sauces and dressings yourself will help you avoid a lot of the […]

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Exercise of the Day – Wood Choppers – Core Exercise

I love to use wood choppers with my clients.  I find it to be a “functional” exercise.  If you really had to chop wood in real life, you’d find it to be a real full body exercise.  And, hey, I do encourage you to actually go chop wood for a workout.  If you don’t need […]

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Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip (or Side Dish)

I made this recipe for Christmas 2014 and really loved it.  Mine turned out a bit thick, and while others did use it as a dip with tortilla chips, I ate it as a side dish.  I also have found it to be great as a leftover.  I have combined it with canned salmon for […]

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Raw Cacao Truffles (with nuts & coconut – yum!)

I just posted a recipe for Chewy Cherry Truffles, but since truffle-like desserts are so awesome, here’s another truffle recipe.  Ingredients: 1 C. Raw Cashews, soaked for at least 20 minutes (and drained)  *Could try to sub in another nut or do a nut mixture 1/3 C. Raw Honey 1/2 C. Raw Cacao Powder 1/2 […]

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Chewy Cherry (or any berry) Truffles

Truffles are popular (because they are so tasty!), and they can be pricey to get really good quality, clean, organic ones.  So, you could just make your own.  With the holidays upon us (at the time of posting), now is a great time to make some homemade truffles to give as gifts or to serve […]

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A Few Simple Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

So many of us gain weight during the holiday season (or, at the very least, don’t lose weight).  Given the alarming statistics regarding holiday season weight gain, I thought we should look at just a few of the simple things you can do to fight the battle of the Christmas cookie bulge.  *Some experts say […]

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Exercise of the Day – Vertical Jump

The vertical jump is an extremely easy exercise to do, but it’s not actually for everyone.  Ultimately this exercise helps strengthen the muscles around the knees making you less likely to have knee problems, but if you have existing knee problems, avoid or use caution with this exercise.  You can make this exercise very low […]

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