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Welcome! So, what the heck is this website all about?! Mostly about health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, movement, green living, and just about anything that relates to living a health promoting lifestyle. You’ll find blogs on a wide variety of topics (whatever I’m thinking about or into that day or requested by a follower). You’ll find recipes, food and supplement buying guides, information on seminars, and eventually some exercise and cooking videos. Enjoy browsing the site for ideas on how to make your life healthier.

Easy Refrigerator Pickles & Peppers

If you’re like me, you want to make pickles from all those summer cucumbers, but you find canning to be too much work.  This recipe allows you to easily have homemade pickles.  Because these aren’t made from canning, they won’t last as long, but you can keep them in the refrigerator for several days or […]

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Summer Cucumber Avocado Soup (or Smoothie)

Cucumbers are in season!  If you grow them, you know how abundantly they can grow.  If you don’t grow them, head to your local farmer’s market and purchase some to make this tasty soup.  Cucumbers aren’t just for salads!  Cucumbers are primarily water which is great for hydrating you during warm summer days.  The avocados […]

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Easy Homemade (and healthy!) Ice Cream Recipes – No Ice Cream Maker Needed

I love me some ice cream!  But it’s not a good idea to regularly indulge in the sugary stuff, even the better kinds.  When you are trying to eat clean and want a reasonably healthy ice cream-like substance, I suggest the following recipes.  You don’t need an ice cream maker, but these recipes are best […]

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DIY – Anti-Aging Face Treatments (Some Are Edible!)

Why spend a fortune on ant-aging face masks and other face treatments that may contain questionable ingredients, when you can make your own low cost treatments from ingredients you can find in the produce section at the market? Below are a few recipes for natural anti-aging facial treatments, including some that you can eat the […]

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Sunscreen – Should You Wear It and Which Should You Choose?

My views on wearing sunscreen may be controversial to some.  Mostly because the mass media has taught us to fear the sun, and we will surely die of skin cancer if we have sun exposure without sunscreen.  Believe me, I’m not making light of skin cancer, but this kind of thinking is a bit extreme […]

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Exercise of the Day – Plank Jacks

Everyone should do what they can to add some planking to their fitness routine.  If you are already doing planks, try some plank jacks to make your planking more cardio.  It also makes the time go by quicker… Plank Jacks

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Exercise of the Day – Lat Pulldowns

I try not to post many exercises that use equipment you might not have at home, since many of us don’t have gym memberships.  However, many of us do go to gyms, and when we do, we should be taking advantage of some of the best exercises we can do in a gym instead of […]

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Exercise of the Day – Superman or Superwoman

I have always used Supermans quite a bit for clients.  It is simple to perform, yet not easy on you.  It works your core, and is particularly good for your lower back.  I put it in my list of good exercises to prevent lower back pain. Here’s how to do the Superman/Superwoman.

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20 Awesome and Perfectly Great Ways to Drink More Water Daily

I previously posted an article on the great importance of water to our health and to our waistline.  But even though we know it’s important, many of us still struggle to get in enough water daily.  The water isn’t going to drink itself, so you do have to make the effort, but there are ways […]

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Gluten-Free Apple Date Cookies

I don’t often post recipes for sweets, but I know many of us “need” them every now and then.  I am more of a ‘sweets only for special occasions’ kind of girl.  Easter is coming up soon, so I am looking at sweets recipes to take to the Easter family gathering.  My sweets are always […]

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